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Modification of Child Custody

When it comes to the modification of child custody, courts do not take this subject lightly. However, if the court believes that a modification is truly in the best interests of the children involved, they will not hesitate in modifying existing child custody orders. In California, courts like to see both parents and play a […]

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Child Custody in Parent Move-Away Legal Cases

When parties are separated, an issue that can often arise is one of the parents wanting to re-locate. Whether it’s to another city, state, or country this can cause problems with visitation and can greatly affect one parent’s relationship with the children involved. These situations are not only logistically difficult but also extremely emotionally difficult […]

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Uncontested Divorce v. Contested Divorces

In the state of California, every marriage is a binding, legal agreement between the parties. When the marriage ends in divorce, another legal process is triggered due to the nature of the legal action that the parties originally signed on for. California law requires every party to a divorce to follow this stringent process in […]

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Causes and Consequences of Domestic Abuse

What are the Causes of Domestic Violence? Domestic Violence can begin to occur at any time and many relationships possess underlying domestic violence issues and the individuals do not even realize it. One partner may feel the need to control or dominate the other, sometimes even subconsciously or unknowingly. Perpetrators often times feel a need […]

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Child Custody: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Attorney to Help me Fight for Custody? There are numerous ways to fight for custody: Retain an Attorney Hire a Paralegal Represent yourself (proper) Representing yourself is very risky.  Not only do you not know the law, but you will be held to the same standard as an attorney.  The problem […]

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What is Domestic Violence?

In honor of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH, our Los Angeles family law firm wanted to recognize and discuss this alarmingly pervasive crisis facing today’s American men and women. In definition, Domestic Violence is a form of physical or emotional trauma inflicted by one person towards a current or ex-spouse, current or ex-housemate, someone with whom […]

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