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Choosing the Right Lawyer

Family law requires compassion, professional guidance and legal leadership that are accomplished effortlessly with the help of our caring attorney at the Harris Family Law Group.

At the Harris Family Law Group, we focus on providing our clients with the care and commitment they need from an attorney to process their domestic obligations. Whether you are seeking a prenuptial agreement for your upcoming nuptials or are seeking spousal support as the result of a terminated marriage, we will provide you with comprehensive legal guidance that protects your rights, while keeping your best interests close at heart. Domestic issues, including marriage dissolution/legal separations, civil unions, paternity testing and father’s rights cases require a skilled and compassionate attorney who will provide the best legal resolution possible for your particular case.

We would like to discuss your case in its entirety, from the very beginning. Even if you have previously pursued your case in the courts with another attorney, we will happily review the case summary and history in order to help best determine the next best course of action for you and your case. Attorney, Jeffrey Harris offers free consultations to help you ensure a happier future, while making sure that your needs are met. We will present your case effectively and professionally in front of a sitting commissioner or judge. Petitioning the courts for hearings on marriage dissolution or child custody matters need not be an intimidating process. With the help of our lawyer, your matters can be reviewed and presented with maximum visibility, providing you with an ideal outcome in these sensitive matters.

What is Family Law:

Harris Family Law Group is dedicated to providing our clients with their desired resolution, no matter what their case entails. Our attorney delivers a personal approach to family law, which can be described as legal guidance and representation in any of the following categories:

We are experienced in handling family law cases that advance with a delicate approach, but require an aggressive expansion of legal prowess when confronting the other party in mediation or in front of a judge. The compassionate approach to your case’s existence does not transfer into the courtroom, as the patient and understanding lawyer you are partnering with will aggressively fight on your behalf.

Creating & Maintaining a Partnership:

At the Harris Family Law Group, we understand that matters which fall within our legal focus are often ongoing cases. No matter which area we represent you or your family, whether it is marriage or divorce, child custody or support, our experienced attorney realizes that circumstances change, and that the initially agreed upon case may need to be modified in the future. Even if our attorney did not handle your case initially, he is committed to nurturing a long-standing relationship that will allow our firm to represent you fully during your current needs, and any evolving conditions that emanate from its ruling.

Jeffrey Harris is focused on maintaining a relationship with each client, which allows a personal approach that transfers in the courtroom. While some attorneys simply want to execute the petition on your behalf, our attorney wants to understand why you and your family need and partner with you going forward so the established relationship is evident to the courts, resulting in preferred consideration.

Experience, integrity, dedication and a commitment to representing the clients who need our help presenting their family law facts to the proper parties is our only concern. Allow our dedicated and skilled veteran lawyer to help guide you through the family courts without anxiety or confusion, so you and your family can move forward with a positive outcome.

In Need of Family Law Attorney? Call Now for Help:

If you are in need of a family law attorney in Los Angeles, it is important to contact a compassionate and skilled lawyer who will represent you with fervor and tenacity. Contact the Harris Family Law Group today at 310-745-8644 to see how he can help you present your case thoroughly and successfully.

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"I came to Mr. Harris' services while in the midst of a not so pleasant separation. Mr. Harris walked me through each step of the divorce process, provided mediation when needed, and helped throughout the negotiations. Not once did I ever feel that I didn't know where my case was at in the process. Mr. Harris kept me informed and up-to-date on my case. He made sure that my best interest was always in consideration. As well, he would let me know if my request was not realistic or the best choice for an amicable situation and would provide alternate solutions that were reasonable and turned out to result in a much better outcome. It is without any reservation that I highly recommend his services."- Michelle