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Family Law Attorney Los Angeles, California

Our clients need leadership and solutions for issues involving family relationships, including adoption, divorce, child custody and support, which can be difficult to negotiate without a skilled Los Angeles County family law lawyer by their side.

We begin each of our Los Angeles family law attorney-client relationships with a free, confidential consultation, and develop solutions for our clients using flat-rate fees — not billable hours. This approach gives all clients the ability to move forward with their important family law needs with confidence.

Even if you have previously pursued your case in the courts with another California family law attorney, we will happily review the case summary and history to help determine the next best course of action for you and your case.

With the help of our skilled Los Angeles family law lawyer, your highly personal matters can be reviewed and presented quickly and effectively, providing you with an ideal outcome in these sensitive matters.

Our Committed Family Law Lawyer Practice Areas

While divorces and parenting plans are not uncommon, each of our clients is unique, and so are their families. No two family law circumstances are the same, which is why our Los Angeles family law lawyers listen to our clients’ real-time and future needs, so we can customize your case to reflect the outcome you deserve.

Our Harris Family Law Group practice areas include:

Adoption & Surrogacy Attorneys in California

Choosing to become a parent through adoption or surrogacy is a very exciting time for hopeful parents! Once these important decisions have been made, the legal requirements begin to mount, and they can be intimidating.

At the Harris Family Law Group, our adoption and surrogacy lawyers will walk you through the necessary documents and each step of the process, including those involving:

  • Parent-Surrogate relationships
  • Newborn and infant adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Foster care adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Unique-circumstance adoptions

Whether you want to build your family through third-party reproduction or adoption, our Los Angeles family law attorneys are advocates for all your family planning needs.

California Alimony & Spousal Support Lawyers

When spouses divorce in California, it is not uncommon that one may need financial support either temporarily, permanently, or both.

Our spousal support lawyers in Los Angeles will review your current financial standing, and that of your spouse, to determine the appropriate alimony figure that will allow you to continue your current quality of life even after the divorce is final.

Dedicated Annulment Attorneys in California

There is a common misconception that an annulment is a form of divorce, but that simply is not true. An annulment cancels and formerly deletes that a marriage ever occurred, thereby legally saying, “this marriage never happened.” Divorces do not supply that outcome.

Several conditions must be met to obtain an annulment, whether alone or combined they can include that either party was forced into the marriage, or that the participants are related by blood or younger than 18.

Other conditions can include that one spouse was still married to another, or that one or both was suffering from a mental condition – that can include intoxication – that kept them from understanding the nature of their decision.

Comprehensive Divorce Lawyers CA

In the State of California, one spouse does not have to prove the other did something damaging to the marriage to file for divorce. As a no-fault divorce state, spouses can simply list irreconcilable differences as the reason for their dissolution to proceed with the process.

Like most family law matters, each divorce and its circumstances are unique, and typically fall under one of two categories:

  • Contested Divorce

A contested divorce occurs when the spouses cannot agree on the important factors of their dissolution, including dividing assets and debts, child custody and support, or other financial details like alimony.

An uncontested divorce is one where both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce without a fight, including the financial details, alimony, or child custody and support. Filing for an uncontested divorce can save time and money through streamlined court procedures.

Skilled Child Custody & Visitation Attorneys in California

Child custody decisions are difficult to agree on during the divorce proceedings, simply because neither parent wants to lose time with their children. We understand. We also know that the California Family Courts are going to focus on terms that allow both parents to play a significant role in their children’s development.

Our experienced Los Angeles child custody lawyers will listen to your concerns while we develop a strategic plan to pursue the best outcome for you and your children, including both legal and physical custody requirements that put your kids’ best interests first.

Our California family law lawyer handles child custody cases from all angles, including the start of your divorce, or will review an already existing arrangement and appeal to the courts for a modification of that judgment, or petition the court to revisit the child custody appointment if either parent’s situation has changed since the initial arrangement was first made.

Knowledgeable California Child Support Lawyers

At the Harris Family Law Group, our experienced Los Angeles child support attorneys focus on your household’s complete financial requirements when outlining the terms of your agreement, so no detail is left to chance during our case.

While both parents contribute financially to their children’s well-being, child support is an integral part of their healthy growth. Our family law lawyers in Los Angeles will pursue the best financial outcome available for your circumstances while handling your divorce. Or if we did not handle your divorce or paternity case, we will review your previous cases before providing the best representation possible when seeking child support on your behalf.

Compassionate Domestic Violence Attorneys in California

Domestic violence is both physically and emotionally devastating to the injured party, their children, and extended family members, as abusive behavior is far-reaching and requires an exit strategy that keeps everyone involved safe.

At the Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers take these cases seriously, and will not stop pursuing the best outcome available for our clients until we are sure they are safe.

Our Los Angeles family law lawyers will pursue both temporary and/or permanent restraining orders on your behalf, so you can move forward with your life with confidence.

Supportive California Father’s Rights Lawyers

Our Harris Family Law Group fully believes that fathers have the right to maintain an ongoing relationship with their children and that parental roles are no longer subjected to division or title.

We work tirelessly to help fathers throughout California to establish and maintain:

  • Paternity
  • Coparenting and joint custody
  • Collaborative decision-making with the other parent
  • Third-party adoption prevention
  • Ongoing financial support

Fathers have rights and should be able to spend time with their children regularly without opposition from the other parent. If you are a father who is being denied involvement in your kids’ lives, we can help you reclaim your position as a valued parent who can enrich your children’s futures.

Knowledgeable Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys in California

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular, as they are now viewed as valuable tools that support each spouse’s financial position before they enter the marriage, so they start with a clean slate of full disclosure.

They are no longer viewed as a plan to divorce, but an intelligent approach to outlining the financial health and well-being of both spouses, so everyone is on the same page going forward while protecting the assets they have worked so hard to obtain.

Intelligent California Family Law Mediation Lawyers 

Family law mediation is a practical alternative to evaluating each of your domestic disputes, so you and your partner or spouse can focus on a healthy resolution to all your family law needs without involving a judge.

At the Harris Family Law Group, our family law mediation attorneys in LA will focus on providing all types of settlement strategies outside of the courtroom, including those for marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships, and property division and distribution, so our clients can maintain control of their futures.

Contact Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys in California Today For a Free Consultation

Our family law attorneys in Los Angeles apply legal skill and precision to each of our cases, so our clients can focus on their goals with confidence knowing we are dedicated to producing the best outcome available for their unique circumstances.

Contact LA family law lawyers at the Harris Family Law Group today at (310) 745-8644 to see how we can help you present your case thoroughly and successfully, beginning with a free, confidential consultation.

No two family law clients are the same, which is why our Los Angeles family law attorney provides customized legal representation using flat rate legal fees, so our clients are not subjectable to billable hours that keep them from moving forward physically, emotionally, or financially.

Harris Family Law Group Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Retain A Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles?

Different Los Angeles family law attorneys charge different rates, and have different terms, including necessary retainers to get started, and billable hours that can mount quickly — before your case even begins to show signs of being resolved. At the Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles family law attorneys charge flat rate legal fees, which means no billable hours for our services. 

Am I Entitled To Alimony As Part of My Los Angeles Divorce?

It depends. There are temporary alimony and permanent spousal support, which requires the courts to establish a presumed financial figure that should be paid to one spouse from another during the divorce proceedings (temporary spousal support) and after (permanent spousal support) based on each party’s income and abilities. That number is different for everyone, and so are the circumstances that lead to a judge ordering spousal support. We can help you determine your eligibility, so you know what to expect financially during and after your divorce.

My Los Angeles Family Law Case Is Incredibly Complicated.  How Can the Harris Family Law Group Help?

Most family law cases are quite complicated because they are dealing with highly personal matters that may be difficult to sort out on your own. Family law is a very emotional legal segment that can include divorce, child custody, property management, and other overwhelming issues that can cause severe stress. We can help outline each of your difficult family law needs, so we can separate them into palatable pieces that allow you to decide small details at a time, so you do not become overwhelmed by the process. We will handle the rest.

What Is The Difference Between Legal and Physical Child Custody in Los Angeles?

Physical custody is the actual time a parent spends exercising custody and control over a minor child.

Legal custody is the right to make decisions about a minor child’s health, safety, education, religion, and welfare.

Can My Spouse and I Outline A Custody Agreement Without the Court’s Interference?

Yes. Parents can create a custody and visitation arrangement without the court’s interference. It helps to have an attorney oversee the paperwork, so everyone is in a legal agreement. Then the court will need to approve the agreement before it becomes final, but that step is typically a formality.

Practice Areas

Child Custody Icon

Child Custody

The Harris Family Law Group is a leader in the field of Los Angeles family law, particularly as it pertains to child custody. Through our client-centered approach, we are dedicated to providing the best outcome...

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Child Support

Hiring a child support attorney is an important step in providing for the welfare of your children, which is why the Los Angeles lawyer at Harris Family Law Group issues personal attention to each case.

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At the Harris Family Law Group, our divorce attorney in Los Angeles understands that separation from your spouse creates a tough time for you and any children that might be involved...

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Uncontested Divorce

At the Harris Family Law Group, our uncontested divorce attorney in Los Angeles provides a sincere approach to helping his clients get through one of the toughest times in their lives.

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Spousal Support

At the Harris Family Law Group, our spousal support attorney understands that every parting marriage is different, and so are the needs of the splitting couple.

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Prenuptial Agreement

At the Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorney provides a refreshing view of contractual matrimony by explaining the intricacies of the agreement thoroughly with both parties.

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