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California Family Lawyers Representing Clients in Long Beach

Family Law Firm in Long Beach:

Family law requires compassion, professional guidance, and legal leadership that is accomplished effortlessly with the help of our caring Los Angeles attorney at the Harris Family Law Group.

Our Family Law Firm Serve on Following Practice Areas in Long Beach:

Child Custody Law Firm in Long Beach:

Child custody law includes more than the parenting decisions determined in divorce proceedings. This also includes paternity issues that arise from a couple who were never married, or in a relationship, which places our child custody attorney in Los Angeles at the head of the industry. At the Harris Family Law Group, our child custody lawyer in Los Angeles is experienced in representing the best interests of the children who are immersed in these disputes. We represent both mothers and fathers and commit to providing the best outcome for our clients, and the child’s best interests are always at the center of the debate. The goal is to provide a safe and providing lifestyle for the child(ren) who is becoming the center of the divorce’s strategy, and for those who have just discovered that they are fathers. No matter which side of the courtroom you are on, our attorney provides unmatched representation in child custody law. He affords you the ability to maintain more than a relationship with your child, but to be part of their day to day lives and involved in the decision-making process. Mr. Harris provides free consultations to those who are seeking legal custody, physical custody, or both, of their child. It is our goal to uncover all of the facts regarding your particular case. Once we have a firm grasp on your involvement in the child’s life, and that of the other parent, we will mount a strategic and aggressive approach to deliver the best outcome for the child.

Child Support Law Firm in Long Beach:

Hiring a child support attorney is an important step in providing for the welfare of your children, which is why the Los Angeles lawyer at Harris Family Law Group issues personal attention to each case he represents, to ensure you are getting the best legal guidance possible in this important area.

Divorce Law Firm in Long Beach:

Since California is a “no-fault” divorce state, it is important to hire an experienced and aggressive divorce lawyer in Los Angeles to provide you with the best representation possible during your marital split.

Domestic Violence Law Firm in Long Beach:

Domestic violence is a serious issue, both personally and legally, and one that our Los Angeles attorney takes very seriously, as the consequences can result in both physical and emotional injury that can devastate families for years to come.

Family Law Mediation Law Firm in Long Beach:

Family law requires compassion, professional guidance, and legal leadership that is accomplished effortlessly with the help of the caring Los Angeles attorney at the Harris Family Law Group.

Father’s Rights Law Firm in Long Beach:

Father’s rights are an important legal category, as our Los Angeles lawyer believes that parental roles are no longer subjected to division or titles, as both parents should play an equitable role in their children’s lives from the very beginning.

Prenuptial Agreement Law Firm in Long Beach:

A prenuptial agreement does not have to be viewed as a matter of discontent; instead, our Los Angeles attorney presents the contract as an equitable merger between two people who love each other and their finances.

Same-Sex / Gay Prenuptial Agreement:

Entering into a same-sex/gay prenuptial agreement extends the boundaries of equality in the great state of California. In this regard, the Los Angeles attorney at the Harris Family Law Group is overjoyed to guide individuals through this monumental approach to civil rights.

Spousal Support Law Firm in Long Beach:

Spousal support is a varying foundation of alimony that allows our clients to continue their standard of living after a divorce, and our accomplished Los Angeles attorney can contribute to obtaining a successful amount and lengthy duration of its payments.

Restraining Order Law Firm in Long Beach:

The time-sensitivity of a Restraining order requires the accompaniment, on the court date that follows its notification, of an experienced Los Angeles attorney to represent the person who has enforced or received the order.

Uncontested Divorce Law Firm in Long Beach:

Ending a marriage can cause great stress in the lives of both parties involved, even when it is an uncontested divorce, which is why the compassionate attorney at the Los Angeles Harris Family Law Group provides personal attention to his clients while focusing on the legal details of the split simultaneously.

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