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Tips for Discussing a Prenuptial Agreement with Your Partner

Posted on March 15th, 2022

At the Harris Family Law Group, our skilled prenuptial agreement attorneys in Los Angeles know that in the past, the mention of wanting or needing a soon-to-be-spouse to sign a prenup could lead to an intense argument and possibly even the loss of the engagement.

Fortunately, times have changed.

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys encourage individuals who are planning to propose to their partners or who are already engaged to consider the healthy start prenuptial agreements bring to California marriages.

The first step in the right direction is talking about what the prenuptial agreement means to you, and how it can benefit your soon-to-be spouse.

Here are a few tips to embark on a smooth conversation about prenups.

Be Honest About What You Want Out of Your Prenuptial Agreement

When you are talking to your fiancé about creating a prenuptial agreement, be honest about what the document means to you.

Whether it is that you want complete transparency between you and your partner before tying the knot, or that you want to protect your business from any potential interference later, be honest and clear.

Saying things like, “My family thinks it is a good idea” is not a clear reason for asking your partner to sign a legal document that affects his or her future as much as it does yours.

If you need help, make a list of the benefits a prenuptial agreement will bring, which may include keeping current assets and debts separate, and starting the marriage off with an open and honest outline of the property, finances, and each of your expectations before the wedding.

Collaborate on the Details of a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are planning to ask your soon-to-be-spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement, start the conversation by asking him or her to collaborate on the document’s contents.

This will allow both of you to develop a better understanding of what is most important to one another, so you can protect it and your marriage.

If your partner has some concerns about the construction of a prenuptial agreement, be willing to listen and work together to find creative solutions.

The more you know about your partner’s concerns, the more solutions you can produce to ensure the process goes a lot more smoothly and successfully.

Do Not Wait to Have the Prenuptial Agreement Conversation

The sooner your partner is aware that you would like to entertain the idea of a prenuptial agreement, the better your chances of creating a successful document he or she is willing to sign.

The more time your spouse has to consider their involvement in the prenup’s design, the less stressed he or she will feel about the process.

Keep in mind, if your spouse feels rushed or pressured into signing a document that he or she had no input in creating, it will undoubtedly create an uneasy and nervous feeling.

Do You Need Help Constructing a Successful Prenuptial Agreement in California?

We will help you and your fiancé understand what goes into a legally binding prenuptial agreement and what cannot be included in the document, so all questions are answered, and no detail is left to chance.

Contact our family law attorneys in Los Angeles at the Harris Family Law Group today to discuss your prenuptial agreement details case during a free consultation by calling 310-745-8644.