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Effective Tools & Resources for Co-Parenting in California

Posted on March 1st, 2022

At the Harris Family Law Group, our skilled divorce attorneys in Los Angeles know that when parents decide to dissolve their marriages, one of the major challenges going forward and typically long after the paperwork has been finalized is co-parenting.

When parents have minor children, the divorce typically revolves around the kids’ best interests and overall needs.

In California, the family courts believe and work toward divorce proceedings that both parents should be equally involved in their children’s lives, so the kids benefit from the same level of love and support they enjoyed during the marriage.

The problem?

That means constant interaction with your ex-spouse. While the ex-spouse dynamic may be better for some parents than others, there are ways to keep a positive co-parenting relationship, so you can keep the peace.

To follow are a few tools and resources that will help co-parenting go a little more smoothly.

Online Resources & Digital Apps to Make Co-Parenting Easier

Technology can help individuals manage their finances, social interactions, and travel needs, so why not co-parenting?

The following digital platforms allow parents to synchronize calendars, track shared expenses, organize important contacts, and keep their communications clear and child-focused to solve shared custody challenges together.

Check co-parenting apps that are right for your communication style, so you are getting the most from the platform you choose.

Some co-parenting tools and resources include a “tone check” that will identify potentially aggressive or hostile conversation points, so the author can revise the content before sending the message. This can help prevent a fight with the ex while ensuring the kids get what they need from the interaction.

Others allow both parents to use an open message board to add notes or concerns about their time with the kids.

No matter which co-parenting platform you use, it should help smooth out many of your previous challenges, so the children’s well-being is the only thing that matters going forward.

Can a Co-Parenting Class or Coach Help Me Communicate with My Kid’s Other Parent?

Co-parenting classes or coaching can help both parents work through different styles, communication methods, and find solutions to power struggles.

Depending on the co-parenting challenges you and your ex-spouse are having, both co-parenting classes and coaching can help establish healthy co-parenting boundaries and new communication styles that produce solutions, not arguments.

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