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What are the Most Common Signs of an Impending Divorce?

Posted on January 1st, 2022

At the Harris Family Law Group, our skilled Los Angeles divorce attorneys know that all marital relationships are different.

That means when couples are analyzing signs that divorce may be on the horizon, the truths that lead to dissolving a marriage may be different for everyone.

Our family law attorneys in Los Angeles also know that there are common warning signs that signal the relationship is in trouble.

When spouses ignore these important indicators, they do so at their peril.

Here are a few signs that may point towards your marriage is in trouble, so you do not find yourself completely unprepared if one or more happens.

Loss of Attraction and Intimacy Are Often the First Signs of Trouble

Marriage takes work, especially when children, careers, and the seemingly endless duties of keeping your home in order take over.

These commitments and obligations can deal a significant blow to intimacy in any marriage, so it is common to see a lull in physical and emotional intimacy from time to time.

However, if you become completely unattracted to your spouse, and cannot bear the idea of intimacy with him or her, that is a different issue.

This change is often the effect of a cause, like the other person not taking care of him or herself, or the result of another breakdown in the marriage — like deceit or another disturbing behavior.

Unfortunately, infidelity is a common result. And cheating can go both ways, as either partner — or both — look elsewhere to have their intimacy needs fulfilled.

Loss of Respect for Your Spouse is a Significant Sign of a Forthcoming Divorce

If you do not believe your spouse is reliable, truthful, or credible under any circumstances, that may signal a complete loss of respect for him or her as a person.

This is a powerful indicator that your marriage is in trouble.

Loss of respect for a spouse inherently leads to:

  • Loss of attention and appreciation for the person you once shared your life with.
  • Constant and unreasonable criticism.
  • Dismissing your spouse’s perspective as irrelevant or incorrect.
  • Regularly minimizing his or her family contributions.

Unfortunately, lack of respect can lead to verbal, emotional, or physical attacks that can deeply harm the relationship between spouses, and other family members living in the home.

Domestic violence of any type is unacceptable in a marriage or family relationship and requires immediate intervention, so the spouses can safely part ways.

Other Signs That Your Marriage May Potentially Be in Trouble

While the loss of attraction, intimacy and respect are among troubling signs that divorce may be near, others can signal marital distress.

They include:

  • Significant and sudden change inhabits.
  • Heightened sensitivity to personal privacy.
  • Detachment from family responsibilities.
  • Defensiveness about whereabouts and actions.
  • Deception about money.
  • Contempt The Courts

Each marriage is unique and requires both spouses to look inward to determine the best next steps for their unique circumstances.

Many initial signs of marital trouble can be corrected through marriage counseling or individual therapy.

However, if you believe your marriage has suffered irreparable damage, talk to an experienced divorce attorney in Los Angeles about your future, so you can move forward with confidence.

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